Moeschle UK moves into its own building

Moeschle UK moves from rented office space into its own new building.

Expansion of offices in Ortenberg

Existing administrative building in Ortenberg converted and expanded.


Warehouse in Ortenberg expanded

The finished goods warehouse at the Ortenberg plant expanded by approx. 6000 m².


Development and implementation of the MMF

The Moeschle Mobile Facility (MMF) is developed and implemented. It enables on-site assembly of large tanks with a volume of up to approx. 1 million litres volume and a diameter of approx. 9 metres.


Moeschle Polska moves into its own building

Moeschle Polska moves from rented production halls in Przeworsk into its own new building in Dynow.


Moeschle expands eastwards and westwards

Moeschle Polska was founded on 21 June 2002 to serve the future market of Eastern Europe. Moeschle (UK) Limited is registered in England on 27 September 2002 and the company’s quality is now also on course to set new standards in the UK. The company is located in Sheffield in northern England, a region with a strong economic base.


Two key highlights of the year are the company exceeding 100 000 hours of production for the first time ever and an increase in sales of more than 25%.


Two milestones are achieved this year when sales breaks through the DM 20 million mark and the company is awarded the highest level of DIN certification (DIN EN ISO 9001 pp.).

1995 – 1996

The company is expanded through an investment worth the equivalent of around €3.3 million, enabling production space to be increased from 3000 to 5000 m2 and a state-of-the-art production centre to be built for tank base applications.


An important year as the company purchases its new production site.
The firm takes its last major step to becoming an industrial company, shedding its former craft business image.

1986 – 1990

The hard work of the preceding year is reflected directly in a record year of sales. Exports have now reached a level of around 40%. Years of investment and state-of-the-art, efficient production machines have made their mark.
1990 paves the way for once again increasing production capacity to a total of 3000 m2.

1984 ­ – 1985

Production space is again increased by 700 m2 to a new total of 1600 m2; a new office building was also built.
For the first time, the sales targets set cannot be reached due to the weak economic situation. We are able to tap into new sales markets as a result of special activities.

1982 – 1983

We set a course for expansion by concentrating all our resources on specialising in stainless steel construction and buying more new land. Sales exceeded the DM 5 million mark for the first time ever.

1977 – 1981

1977: Production space is increased by 500 m2. A separate office building and staff rooms of around 240 m2 are also built. The product range is expanded and new sales regions created. Production also doubles during these four years.

1974 – 1976

In June 1974, the company moves into its new production facilities, around 400 m2 in size. Sales regions are created in neighbouring France and Switzerland and agents founded. Production doubles year on year.

1970 – 1973

On 25 November 1970 the first 6 tanks (4500 l each) are produced. This signals the start of the production of stainless steel tanks under the management of Ernst Möschle, still at that time in the premises of Moeschle Kessel- und Apparatebau. After just three years, the rate of development of the business requires a separate, specially designed production building to be planned.